Friday, January 14, 2011

Emergency Rule

al jazeera and youtube are here, but the president just fired his entire government and imposed emergency rule.

emergency rule means curfew. i of course had no idea and was sitting at cafe downtown and all of a sudden the place emptied out and the waiters started putting everything away. the sun is going down now and i just barely made it back to my apartment, everyone outside is running around looking for cabs

i saw small protests in my neighborhood today for the first time ever.

supposedly the police weren't using live ammo on the protesters today in the capital, but supposedly that will change tonight.

inshallah lebes


my student lives near the center of sousse and i guess people in her neighborhood were fighting police and looted a monoprix (sorta like stop and shop). she said the police used live ammo (my student is about 15, so take it with a grain of salt)

rumors are that there are no flights out of tunisia, so it seems that i am stuck here. fuck

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