Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mah block

Tonight turned out to be pretty exciting/terrifying after all, especially towards the beach. Some of my neighbors found a terrorist sniper sitting on the neighborhood post office early in the evening. They dealt with him, but i dont know they called the military or just did him themselves.

 Last night there had been extremely heavy fighting around my house starting at around 6 or seven. I had only heard a few bursts of automatic gun fire before 9 or 10 pm tonight, so i figured we were out of the woods......

Turns out I was wrong. The rumors on the barricades were very confused (as rumors generally are) but I guess the army started following two suspicious looking vehicles driving down the main tourist road by the beach.

The two cars were indeed filled with police/terrorists, and when they opened up on the military, killing two soldiers. they then went on a very violent car chase that went through my neighborhood (I didn't see it but i sure heard it)

The military and people's militia killed most of the terrorists in the car after that. Unfortunately one got away, but if he isn't on his back now he will be soon, hamduallah.

I took a nice video of the people's volunteers and the barricades in my area, it will be up soon...


  1. An appropriate tune for Mr. Ben Ali. They might appreciate it in your neighborhood:

  2. Thank you so much for your updates...excellent descriptions...almost feel as if I were there.

    A few articles in the US have mentioned the impact of the wikileak cables regarding the president's corruption on Tunisians. Did any of your friends/students mention the cables?

  3. The wikileak cables basically told the english speaking world what tunisians already knew.

    in fact people here had told me things about ben ali's family that i had thought were so outlandish (pet tigers, yacht stealing, etc.) i didn't believe them till i heard about them on wikileaks.

    that being said tunisians did read about them here, but most of the people who i had "oh my god did you read the wikilinks" conversations with were other teachers.

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  5. As long as we're sharing...