Friday, January 14, 2011

Police Station On Fire

The police station in the president's home town, where I work, less then a mile from where i live is on fire.

My Tunisian friend told me "every monoprix, every carfour (two big, european corporate chains ala walmart) have been looted. in my neighborhood it was a mess, i saw a man carrying a whole washing machine"

I just came down from my roof. Cars are driving around with their head lights out, a gang of youths (even some girls) has gathered by the cafe near my house. I saw some other kids walking down the back streets, some of them were carrying what looked like soda or liquor, the two others were carrying something heavy in a satchel between them. They couldn't have been shopping.

Scattered automatic gunfire, it seems like it's coming from towards the coast, thats where all the good stuff to loot is. I had thought that Ben Ali stepping down would mean an end to the violence, or at least a decrease in violence. At least in Sousse I was wrong.

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