Friday, January 14, 2011

"want to go looting?"

The big group of kids walked off, for a while there was only stray dogs walking around the streets, like they couldn't believe their luck, no humans.

then off my roof i saw a bunch of tunisian boys, their profiles showing the distinctive trucker hats walking past my house, they were pushing a cart loading with looted electronics.

Right then my tunisian friend called me breathless "you in home? come to the door, i am coming." He was dressed all in black. with a watch cap pulled over his ears. "You want to go looting?" "Hell no, motherfucker" a few moments a burst of automatic gun fire came from the direction he just came from.

just chilling in the living room. the gun fire is close, and ubiquitous.


i heard that the police are now looting. my student who lives in my town said hooded men tried to break into her neighbors house.

my police station

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